Arcane Providence

Evening Falls on The Summer Court

As evening falls on the fete honoring the Changeling Summer Court and the vigilant begin to relax their guard, tragedy unfolds.

I noted The Slenderman, that elusive and mysterious entity that has confounded us for so long, observing Freya dance. I had previously seen it under the porch when Sable was demonstrating her most intriguing technique for retrieving objects stored in a magical shadow. This magic did seem to touch on the abyss, however, and I believe it may have caught the attention of the creature. More on that later.

Freya also spotted a strange Raven on the roof of the house where we were staying. She investigated and found it to be the same raven they had previously spotted on the docks the night the Sarcophagus arrived from Los Angeles. It was clearly supernatural so she studied it, a bit brazenly when off on her own. It quickly became apparent that it had some type of unusual soul and was using a transformative / cloaking magic. Whatever it was it was extremely powerful and not arcane. Then, she spoke to it.

Apparently the raven is a vampire who followed the sarcophagus from LA in hopes of studying it more closely. It seemed very polite, but claimed no allegiance to any other vampire group we were aware of. Ultimately, it wanted to speak with Ardent and Freya arranged exactly that. Between Freya’s recounting and Ardent’s eventual sharing it became clear that the raven was offering some type of exchange of information for access to the Sarcophagus. Intriguing, my fellow my mystagogues would likely give much for access to the secrets this ancient creature has.

Around this time Advokat, Nabu, and Wanderer rejoined the party but it isn’t long before the party concludes rather dramatically.

Freya, on the roof at the time, believed she spotted a person being chased by a knife in a house several doors down. She went to investigate on her own, in her bathing apparel no less, but got no answer at the door and wisely called Ace for backup. Ace told the rest of us and went to support her. I headed to the roof of our host’s domicile to investigate on my own. I could clearly see that a heavily robed figure had gouged out the eyes of his victim and was drawing runes with her blood. I informed Freya, who entered in advance of Ace.

It is a strange sensation to be able to observe from such a distance, through solid matter, but be able to take no action. I watched as Freya confronted the robed and hooded man, as he charged at her with the knife. I could see clearly beneath his robes that he was just a man but one who appeared to have disfigured his own face. I could see throughout the house, through all houses, down into the ground beneath our feet… it was a struggle to focus on any one thing but with Freya in danger I tried. Fortunately, she is more than capable and killed her assailant in self defense after suffering a knife wound.

Freya then called the mortal police leaving little enough time to investigate before the arrive but it seems there’s little to be learned. She spoke with the ghost of the victim and learned she didn’t know the attacker well but that they’d been having a nice weekend when he went into the bathroom, came out dressed like that, and attacked her. Freya and Ace were able to piece together that he was one of those who went missing fairly recently and his own ghost seeks only to rejoin the Slenderman in whatever after life he’s inhabiting.

After being patched up by Ace and dealing with the police both Freya and Ace returned to the party, but it was far from over. I was still watching, trying to anticipate what would happen next, when I suddenly noticed many people up and down the beach begin donning heavy dark robes and attacking seemingly random strangers with knives. I got off a quick warning, but suddenly had to defend myself.

The Slenderman itself, in its most brazen assault to date, appeared on the roof and knocked away my gun. It was fast, unbelievably so, but Wandered used sympathetic magic through the Threads card to make us all supernaturally fast. The creature was clearly trying to grab me, to take me but I focused completely on staying away from it while calling for help. The other Threads, fortunately, came to my aid and were able to destroy the creature, but it doesn’t seem to have stopped what’s happening on the beach. Ace seemed upset that we had killed the thing but honestly I can see no alternative. We have absolutely no idea how to contain it or trap it. We don’t know if it can be rendered unconscious and it seems able to appear and disappear at will. I was deeply shaken and glad for someone to take charge but if another creature like that appears we will need a clearer plan if we want to catch it alive.


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