Arcane Providence

A Hot Summer Night

Last night our newly forged Cabal was given its first assignment. A call from Silentium came through to Ace requesting that we investigate a newly opened Road at Roger Williams Park. Apparently, there were reports of “Lord of the Rings Orcs” and people emerging drunk from the area. The public suspicion was cosplayers but it sounded like something more.

Coincidentally, or maybe not so coincidentally, we also received an invitation from the local Changelings through Mira to a party celebrating the ascendency of the Summer Court. This came through both Nabu and Voland, but included us all. We agreed to meet up at the new manor house that has become our Cabal headquarters and discuss there.

When we arrived I quickly noted that Nabu had a shattered window on his car. After some discussion, it emerged that someone had tried to steal his car when he was caught in traffic. This seems… unlikely. His car doesn’t stand out and it’s far too coincidental, although coincidence and Fate magic do go hand-in-hand. He claimed to know nothing about his alleged attackers, and I believe him, but he secured a sample of their blood so I suspect he’ll be looking into it more closely. I suppose an assault against one of us is an assault against us all, especially considering what happened with Freya recently, so we have to be unified.

Unfortunately, it seems that Mira and the Changelings knew Voland by his sympathetic name and so he felt compelled to reveal his face to us all. Glasya, of course, followed suit. It doesn’t seem like anyone is anticipating an, “everyone tell your secrets” moment but this trend still makes me anxious. It’s not that I don’t trust these cabal mates, it’s just that I need to figure out who I am and who I’m not before anyone else tries to…

Never-the-less, we decided to pursue the Road first as that seemed most pressing and, hopefully, attend the party after. We arrived at Roger Williams Park in Cranston without event and quickly surveyed the area. Nabu spoke with some nearby sleepers while Voland and Ace combined their powers to scout the whole of the park in moments. They quickly found a strange pathway between some mundane hedges leading into a very familiar thorny Hedge that couldn’t fit in the space.

We investigated, several heard strange layered voices chatting or laughing but only faintly. We quickly determined it to be a full fledged Iris to a place not unlike Arcadia. Not a true pocket dimension or pathway but something more in the nature of a border land. Wanderer was able to look back in time and witnessed a 12 foot tall grey green cloth figure emerging from the brush and then “unzipping” the portal with long loose handless appendges. After opening the Iris it seemed to just step back through the way it came. Unfortunately, several Sleepers soon followed it.

There seems to be a mild compulsion drawing sentient beings in to investigate this aperture, likely at their own peril. Several Sleepers emerged seeming drunk and vomiting pink bubbles but several others seem to still be in there. Realizing that this stunk of the Fey, I began to fear this was nothing but a distraction from the real trouble that would occur at the Changeling party. The Fey may be luring away powerful allies so they can strike and reclaim their lost “children” in one raid.

I suggested we simply conceal this entrance, return to the party to provide support, and deal with this later. By then Wandered had determined it would be opened for several more days at least with Nabu confirming it was somehow tied to the duration of the current heat wave. After some debate, the cabal agreed and Voland began casting a ritual spell to conceal the opening protecting it from accidentally swallowing sleepers.

About 30 minutes into his Ritual, several of us noticed a Deathly cloaking magic power arriving in the brush. When it became apparent we could perceive it, it revealed itself to be a diminutive beautiful japanese woman. She emerged and claimed she wanted to travel down the road through the hedge. She identified herself only as “Young One” and initially mislead us about her nature. She let us believe she was a Changeling but the truth came out that she was, in fact, a vampire. Ace recognized her from a video recording at a club called Vapor and she admitted her nature.

Young One told us an interesting story about searching for a lost friend who disappeared the night of the Waterfire incident. Apparently he was going to meet a Mage when it all went wrong. Although she won’t tell us what her friend was, for our own good, she said he was not mortal and was not a Changeling or Vampire. She also cannot remember any details about this Mage, although she knows she should. Nabu believes it may have been the mage known as Tarot. Her friend’s name was Jonathan.

Young one also claims to have fled from some trouble in Los Angeles where some creature or force under the city caused the death of most of her friends.

Young One told us there was a Goblin Market open on the other side of the path and she was hoping to trade for information. Apparently, the goblins mean no harm and just open the path when they’re doing business in an area. After some discussion, we simply let her proceed and Nabu gave her a card encouraging her to seek us out at some point.

Once the Iris was secure, using a combination of Nabu and Voland’s magic, we went to the Changeling part. While entertaining, it appears our suspicion was unwarranted. Nothing dangerous came to pass and Chance seemed to think it fairly expected that the goblins would open the market during his coronation since so many would be gathered. The night passed mostly uneventfully and we agreed to regroup the next day to visit the Goblin Market.


Ugh! I missed more Changeling stuff? Dangit.

A Hot Summer Night
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