Arcane Providence

A Night of Blood

I’d barely been back from Portugal for a week when Mardi Gras arrived, and with it chaos. This feels like a city under siege but with no common enemy… every time there is a holiday or festival in this city there is a crises.

This time, Ace received a thinly veiled warning from a Vampire contact that The Met would be attacked by Sabbat. We traveled there in haste to assist since The Changelings have become important allies. Ace, Adiani, and I arrived directly while Freya and Nabu came separately. The place was packed with mortals but we were quickly able to pick out a large number of freshly turned vampires scattered among them, seemingly confused and disoriented.

The Celestial Telescope could not have been learned at a more opportune time… I was able to study The Met and surroundings for miles around as though I floated in space while others moved through the void oblivious. It was overwhelming, especially with magical enhancements allowing me to study the souls of the Sleepers, but I persevered. It seemed that time was not on our side because I immediately noted attacks in progress as the newly turned Vampires began to get hungry and lose control.

I ran to stop one attack that was happening in a fairly isolated area, counting on my own abilities and the out-of-the-way location to allow success alone. I knew there had to be more powerful vampires somewhere, those Sabbat who unleashed this chaos, but for the moment I couldn’t find them. With so many freshly turned on the dance floor I hopped the rest of the Cabal would find a way to contain that much harder problem.

While I was able to contain and deal with the vampire Ace and Jack arrived providing unnecessary help… I know he has an obsessive need to protect others and, with the benefit of hindsight, his own abilities were also probably unhelpful on a crowded dancefloor where discretion was required. In the moment, however, I only saw him providing aid where it wasn’t required and ignoring dozens of other disasters unfolding.

A month ago I would have seen this as simply a natural progression but I’m no longer as sure about what comes next for those killed tonight. It… upset me.

When we returned and split up to assess the rapidly unraveling situation. Finally, with a moment of clarity, I was able to spot two hidden Vampires smugly observing the situation. I alerted the others and Ace was able to spot and contain them while I, invisible, took aim…

Jack pulled the fire alarm to evacuate as many Sleepers as possible from the building in case things got even more out of hand. Adianni was able to steal the wallet of one of the two and Ace was able to keep them pinned down for nearly a minute. Just as the last of the Sleepers was ushered out I let off a single near perfect shot with my new Vampire Killer rounds and destroyed them both… I’ll have to make more of these.

After that it was just a matter of rounding up and destroying the victims of these two. I don’t think we can call this finished, however. The Sabbat may have gotten their hand’s slapped by having two of their members destroyed when playing their games in our city but this will not be the end of it.


silentinfinity MKing

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