Arcane Providence

Ace - Journal #16

The Met on 2/25/2020

Dear Queeny,

Tonight would have been outlandish to me months ago, but now it almost feels expected. I received a phone call from Mr. Romero, Antoni Symperio’s representative, that started out very confusing. He kind of babbled about when they would visit where they would go and what we could discuss, but then doubled back and forth about how it could be good but bad if we met at the Met because the Sabbat could be there. Despite my initial confusion, I deciphered the hidden meaning – the Sabbat were laying siege to the Met. It could happen any minute – or it already started – because Mardi Gras had already begun. I flew those of us at the Threadstone Manor into Providence at once. It was the fastest I had ever flown a group and required special shielding from the air. Adianni, the Last Messiah, and I left within minutes after I messaged the Threads of Fate and notified Silentium. Invisibly, we flew with all haste to an alley beside the Met. I dismissed the invisibility so we could enter normally, which required me to speak to a bouncer who called Chant who called me to verify my location. Freya and Nabu arrived a few minutes later.

The Met was very busy, about as crowded as I had ever seen. The others set out to investigate the area while I spoke to Chant and discussed the situation. I didn’t think the vampires knew about the Changelings and I told Chant as much. He seemed somewhat relieved by that and then politely announced he did not intend on involving himself or the others. I agreed it was for the best.

During my conversation with Chant, several of the others used their abilities to find many newly turned vampires throughout the property – at least 30. Nabu tried using Fate to cure them of their new path, but, despite his success, it seems his spell had the opposite of the intended effect. Whatever life as human sleepers remained was flushed out, and all that remained was vampiric. He suspected he sped up their hunger and aggression. It was Adianni who remembered the Sabbat turn new vampires and drop them into highly public places without any explanation or guidance.

Can you imagine, Queeny? I did not try processing it earlier this evening, but thinking about it now makes me so sad. Death itself is already upsetting, especially a violent one at the hands of a monster. But waking up with a building hunger you cannot place until your fangs are canine-deep in some poor girl or guy at a club? And then being shot through with lightning, bullets, and flame and destroyed again? I was on the fortunate side of the story tonight; I know what I did was right, but those individuals were likely innocent and made guilty.

When we realized how many there were we tried devising a way to get them somewhere secure. Freya was questioning some and ending up controlling one – a topic for another journal entry. The club staff, per Chant’s direction, were sending people outside. Then Adianni would burn them in Supernal Flame – a magnificent display of energy. It’s not something I can do yet, but I will some day.

When I left the larger group to help the Last Messiah with the first he pursued, he was annoyed – angry even – that I thought he needed the help or protection. His aggression was surprising, but did not bother me. He has immense control issues, within himself I’m sure, and rightly pointed out my abilities made me an important player in the night ahead. The problem, as I pointed out to him in a calm reply, was that I could not discern who was vampire and who was mortal. Eventually I was given the ability, but it was actually Adianni’s power that truly came in handy.

Before we left the Manor, I asked Adianni if she could grant us the ability to Pierce Deception. It’s something I usually put on myself, but Adianni casts it with greater potency than I – and I needed the space in my Soul. So with that power, several of us were able to see two invisible vampires in the Met watching things unfold. They were completely unaware there were Mages and Changelings about, obviously comfortable with their power to be unseen and avoided. I held them in place for about a minute straight, pinning them in place as the Last Messiah took aim and exploded their bodies to dust with a single shot. He said it was a new type of bullet. It was very effective, but I would have liked to get some information out of the Sabbat.

Like was it all a setup? Did the Symperio family setup their enemies to be delivered into our hands and destroyed by their naivete? Maybe, but at the end of the night, we defended our friends and lay those poor souls to rest. Speaking of rest, I need to sleep, and you know how hard it is for me to do that without you next to me.

I love you fiercely.


silentinfinity clpontious

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