Arcane Providence

Ace - Journal #17

South County on 4/2/2020

Dear Queeny,

The Slender Man – it’s not a myth. We saw it earlier tonight when we went looking for it, and I’ve seen it a few times since… out of the corner of my eye. Every time I look to find it, it’s gone. The creature is a tall, thin gangley shadow. It doesn’t wear the typical face of horror I am slowly becoming accustomed to seeing; it makes no sound, shows no emotion except for maybe boredom, which makes it all the more unsettling. Faster than you can blink, it teleports around with no discernible pattern or intent. But even now – here in my room at Threadstone Manor – I feel like it’s just behind me…

A fair number of the Threads of Fate were at the manor tonight. Freya, The Last Messiah, and Wanderer were pouring over some device The Last Messiah thinks is tied to his Awakening. I was listening to their conversation from the kitchen, where Adianni and I were catching up. Freya confirmed the object was in fact tied to The Last Messiah’s soul, which compelled me to join their study. I apologized for not having the time to assist in their studies, but asked if I could take a look. When The Last Messiah nodded, I studied the Light of the device and found nothing. It meant there was no trace of a soul in it, though as Freya said, it likely did at one point.

While they continued speculating and building hypotheses, I Saw into each of them. I expected Freya, Wanderer, and Adianni to possess pure Light – and they did – but so did The Last Messiah. I expected his to possess some level of impurity, but it seems the current state of his soul is well-tended. Freya was probably the brightest of them all, likely because her Awakening was so recent. I will be sure to watch over them carefully, vigilant to shield their souls from darkness as my body shields them from harm.

My sight-seeing was abruptly ended by the guardian wolf drifting toward Freya. It’s a ghost, and has not spoken to me, but it seems to have an affinity for Freya. Only seconds later Jack announced to the room that a powerful spirit was approaching the mansion. I called on my will instantly in preparation for the worst as I approached the front door; Adianni went to the window and announced it was Xavier (a.k.a. painted Sky), which coincided with Jack’s senses. However – and I didn’t announce this to the group – I was still skeptical. We know there are shapeshifters, but I can See the Soul, so I opened the door and greeted “Xavier”… it was him, and after relaying to him that the two mages he was actually looking for (Advokat and Nabu) were not home, I invited him inside.

Like the rumors I was hearing back before our Cabal was formed, he told us about a stooped creature being sighted in South County around the University of Rhode Island. Apparently the sightings were reported, but no one was taking the college students seriously. It probably didn’t help their case when they reported seeing the thing at night in the woods, or along the beach. I doubt a police officer would take such a report at face value. Several of the Threads said it reminded them of the Abyssal creature we slayed during our rescue of the hunters. I did not voice descent, but I did not agree. Xavier was grateful when we offered to look into it, though somewhat distracted by the luxury of Threadstone Manor. It is a beautiful estate for sure, but I hope we have not unintentionally invited something unnatural into our midst. Xavier said there was a presence in the house – definitely strange, but not necessarily out to harm. Most of us mentioned the ghost wolf as a likely candidate because it’s a wolf spirit tied to a skull. Freya disagreed politely but firmly and I’m inclined to trust her judgement, but I don’t like ruling something out without first investigating it.

Once Xavier left, The Last Messiah surprised me with his concern that we did not offer Xavier a beverage. Well it wasn’t concern exactly… more a question of what’s polite. We explained he was not looking for us, not looking to stay, and came unannounced without the intention of sticking around. He accepted our answers, but it makes me chuckle to think his immediate concern after our conversation was about offering a werewolf a drink. I have noticed some very, very obvious changes in his behavior lately. I don’t think Freya has been working with him as she had before, but something is definitely different.

Freya called some of her colleagues to review files related to Slender Man, hoping to find the most recent sighting were The Last Messiah’s request. And with the location in hand, everyone piled into my car (Jack surrendering his usual posting as co-pilot) so we could investigate an area near the campus where Freya found some tracks that definitely coincided with a creature that could teleport. Wanderer offered opening a window for us to see the creature – scrying he called it – so we could try to find exactly where it was. First it was on a beach staring at the moon for minutes, but as the moon was covered by clouds it darted about the beach – scaring party-goers around a fire – until it went into the ocean. Only those of us with Pierce Deception – Adianni, Wanderer, and I – could see it. Freya and The Last Messiah said it was invisible to them when it was in motion.

It continued darting across the sea, onto a boat, into the woods, across a cliff with hooded figures, and then into the woods again. We discussed its intent for several minutes as we watched it flutter across the state like a shadow cast by a dancing flame, and when we were getting ready to step out of the woods, it was suddenly behind us. It surprised me, even though I was trying so hard to remain still if such a thing would occur, and it surprised the others too. To be quite honest I think it spooked all of us, so we got in the car and headed back to the manor.

And I cannot stop thinking about it. Is it watching me now? Will it disappear as soon as I look up? How can I stop a creature whose only intent seems to be fear?



silentinfinity clpontious

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