Arcane Providence

Ace - Session #8

Manor - Roger Williams Park - The Met

Dear Queeny,

I have been staying at my cabal’s new residence for a few weeks now. The house itself is magnificent, like my mother and father’s manor in Notting Hill that I still want you to see, and my cabal-mates are nice enough, but it’s strange sharing a space with mages. The majority of my outward existence, even these past few years, has been mundane. Living here, among magic artifacts, spirits, and occult knowledge, makes it harder to live the Lie; I guess that’s the point.

Tonight we were given an opportunity to investigate reports of strange activity at Roger Williams park, where we dropped off the museum shipment a few months ago. Silentium called to inform me our group had the opportunity to take on this assignment before any others, since we were the most recently formed cabal. He told me there were people dressed like “Lord of the Rings orcs” who seemed drunk and out of their right mind. I told the Sentinel I would discuss it with the Threads and inform him of the group’s decision.

Using our group chat – I wonder what mages did before technology made communication so easy – we discussed the (few) details I possessed as well as the other option offered to us. Mira, the young changeling with a gifted singing voice, invited us to a party at the Met in celebration of summer. After a brief discussion, we decided to investigate the park before (possibly) attending the party. I do not believe anyone in the Threads of Fate were surprised that my priority was the park, not a party.

Everyone who could join, which was everyone but Freya and Adianni, agreed to meet at Threadstone Manor, which is what Jack and I call it in private. When Nabu arrived, we could not help but notice the plastic bag taped around his broken driver-side window. Someone tried to steal his car when an accident stopped his car on the street. Nabu’s car isn’t particularly impressive, and the circumstances certainly make the situation suspect, so we immediately started looking for more details. The important thing was that Nabu was uninjured. I’ll have more details to share in the future – Nabu got a blood sample from the man who tried to take his car.

Following that Voland told us he had done business with Mira in the past, as a man without a mask, so he showed us what was underneath it; he’s a very handsome man. Glasya, who removed her mask as well, is a very attractive woman with short hair and a strong build; I will spar with her at some point. Zapffe seemed nervous at the gesture, making known he had secrets of his own he wished to keep secret for the time. I took it as a pleasant surprise, especially given we did not yet know whether or not we would be seeing Mira that evening.

At the park I enchanted Voland’s vision so that he could survey the area and identify the point of interest, which he did. Through the trees and bushes in a specific part of the park reality was hazy; Magesight confirmed it to be a Road leading into a long hedge. Wanderer peered into Time to see who or what made the portal, as well as who or what has gone in and out. He saw a group of people go in and come out drunk and vomiting, as well as a couple and older jogger. My concern for the Sleepers increased given our last visit into Fae, so I was ready to head inside.

The others balanced me out, however, pointing out that we could hide the portal that could merely be a distraction to keep us away from the Met. It was quite the coincidence. After several minutes of discussion, and some impatience at our lack of decisiveness from Zapffe, we decided to cloak it. Voland began casting a ritual spell.


silentinfinity clpontious

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