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Blood Sample Analysis Report

Blood Sample for Waterfire Event – Report

First Study

The Last Messiah and I conducted a combined casting and scientific study of the blood sample the police found at the scene of the Waterfire event.

The sample itself was incredibly small, yet we were able to separate the sample into 12 unique ones. Most of the blood was from Sleepers and I was able to obtain blood type for them, but nothing else. Five of the twelve appear to be from supernatural beings. We were able to obtain the following information from mundane and arcane means on those five samples:

1. Sample 1: borderline dead in state and is acting similarly to a virus and if we hadn’t done this when we did, may have consumed the remainder of the blood sample. My first thought on this one is it may be vampire blood.
2. Sample 2: clearly mutated – appears to be part human and part something else, almost as if the blood type could shift. This makes me think of our Werewolf friends.
3. Sample 3: appears to be slowly falling apart and degrading – each of the red blood cells I observed had six holes in it.
4. Sample 4: “Hummed” more than a standard cell would and it appears to be drawing light to it. I don’t think this is related to the creature we ran into at the docks as it was defiantly alive and that thing, whatever it was was clearly dead.
5. Sample 5: Looks more artificial than anything else, almost like a bit of porcelain could bleed. We also found some rock particles in the blood sample and I’m fairly certain those rock particles were part of this being’s actual blood.
We also found a bit of dirt and a tiny fragment of an insect in the blood sample before we separated it out. I’m not sure if either of those elements were actually part of a creature’s bloodstream or just there.

Second Study

Advokat, Nabu, and I conducted a combine ritual in an attempt to obtain more information about the individuals the blood samples are tied to and where they might reside. We used various items to represent each sample and a map of Providence as a focus to determine where we should go to determine more about the individuals associated with each blood sample.
This is what we found out:
1. Sample 1: A woman who is not alive but craves life. Location of interest: Waterplace Park
a. We used a skull in a bit of blood to represent this sample. After the ritual, the skull was cracked and either side of the skull sat upon the map of Providence so that Waterplace Park was between it.
2. Sample 2: Middle-aged man who was healthy and strong. Location of interest: Waterplace Park
a. We used a strobe light to represent this sample. After the ritual, the strobe light fell onto Waterplace Park. It was cracked and streamed a steady small bit of light. There was a red tinge to part of the light like someone wiped some blood across a small corner of it.
3. Sample 3: Older man who was healthy and powerful. Location of interest: Waterplace Park
a. We used an orb with six holes in it to represent this sample. The orb was spinning and slowly, very gradually stopped at Waterplace Park. A small bit of blood dripped from its surface, which was now riddled with tiny fissures. The fissures were shaped like a heart.
4. Sample 4: Vitality, but fatigue and sadness in this man. Location of interest: Waterplace Park
a. We used a flickering overhead lamp to represent this sample. During the ritual it had fallen over and shined upon Waterplace.
5. Sample 5: .Young woman who was not dead, but not alive, she was more just existing. Location of interest: Waterplace Park
a. We used a vase to represent this sample. A piece of the vase broke off and laid upon Waterplace Park with a bit of blood on it after the ritual.
6. Sleeper Samples: Mix of male and female, but a sense of life to all seven. Location of interest: Waterplace Park
a. We used a wooden art figure to represent the Sleepers. This figure, like everything else, moved to Waterplace Park during our ritual.


Thanks for putting this on here.

Blood Sample Analysis Report

NP. I figured it’d get lost in an email thread, so this way we can refer to it and we can update it as more is discovered

Blood Sample Analysis Report
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