Arcane Providence

Fate's Friendship

Log 8 - 2019-07-29

It had been nearly a month since we had gotten together as a Cabal to do something interesting. I was lost in my thoughts driving in through downtown when I was forced to stop suddenly. I must have forgotten to cast red light green light today. There was an accident up ahead. This was quite the bother and even moreso since my air conditioning broke arbitrarily today and I hadn’t gotten around to getting it to work. Window down, wait it out.

In the blink of an eye, a gun was in my face, held by a masked man. Almost as a reflex, I clutched my flask. Uncertain of myself whether it was to take my last drink or do something about my predicament, the latter held and fate decided to jam his gun, and I began to roll up the window, eventually trapping his arm in it. I figured at this point he could not get away and the authorities would soon arrive to deal with this. But, he decided to try to break my window. Fate must have guided him to a particularly hard spot and subsequently make his arm go limp. A hilarious turn of events though he did manage to break the window. But, he became pretty bloody as a result. As a final assertion of will, I blinded the man temporarily and he took off. Surprisingly, he was able to easily get himself to an ally and I was unable to chase him down. Normally someone with more physical prowess handles this part of these situations. The authorities eventually arrived but I did manage to gather some blood from the shards of glass. This man was not getting away for long. I wanted this to be a coincidence, but something tells me my 2009 Camry wasn’t the target of this man’s desire. So the question is, what did I have?

I made my way home to replenish my spent mana and received a phone call from Mira. Apparently they were having some kind of summer gathering with lots of fire and lights and our group was invited. It was, during this interaction that I learned Voland’s true name. An honest slip of her understanding of us, but interesting information to have none the less. I let her know that sounded wonderful and that I would pass the message along and would probably come unless something came up.

Something came up. Solentium informed us as the newest formed Cabal, we had first dibs on investigating a suspected Road. I made my way down to the Cabal House for more information. We should probably name that place. Upon arrival, Zappfe of all people expressed concern in my broken window. I explained the attempted car jacking, which he certainly didn’t believe was coincidental, but that was not the priority for the night. Solentium told us about peculiar events occurring at Roger Williams park where sleepers were talking about some strange cosplay performance and people emerging from an area very drunk. This took priority. Also, during this time, Voland offered to repair my car.

We made our way there and after some social engineering and distance viewing, we found the entrance to the Road to be among some shrubbery near the museum. Spending some time trying to determine its nature and what to do about it, it was discovered a very tall, green robed figure “unzipped” the entrance to this place at the start of the heat wave and that it would last until the heatwave was over. The Road itself beckoned creatures to it and some sleeper had wandered in recently and not come out. Voland began casting a spell to conceal the entrance.

About half way through the ritual, a hidden figure revealed itself to us. She was a beautiful woman of Asian descent that identified as the “Young One”. She apparently was seen the night we had gone to Vapor. She told a story about looking for her missing friend that she identified as “Jonathan”. This man apparently went missing the day of the Waterfire incident when going to meet who I assumed to be Tarot. That cannot be a coincidence. During this story, we also learned her to be a Vampire, but a solitary one. She revealed to us that inside the Road, is a Goblin Market, where you can apparently find all kinds of interesting wares. She was hoping to procure something to help find her friend. With this new information, I gave her my card to contact if something came up and sent her on her way. We decided to finish hiding the entrance. I also put a spell in place to repulse people from coming this way. With that, we went to the MET.

The party was in full swing when we arrived. MIra was excited to see us and Chance, less so. A few of my colleagues performed some feats of magic as a gift to him since it was in celebration of him and his rule. Somehow Wanderer knew to bring a gift ahead of time. It seemed like the Changelings were aware of the market. How could the Consilium not have known about it? I know it is trying to catch up after Boston, but this seems significant. Something does not add up.


silentinfinity Kyle_Sutherland

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