Arcane Providence

Slenderman Is Real

Der Großmann

Slender Man, Slenderman, Slender man is real…

gn-gift_guide_variable_c_2x.jpg Demon? Spirit? Creature? Collective Hallucination?

originalslender.0.jpg We saw, something – tracked something through the woods but then it tracked us.

I’ve seen it, now, here… everywhere really.

Chzo Mythos

Cabadath, The Arrogant Man, The Prince

slenderman_1125272.jpeg The Myth creating the reality, the reality spawning a myth, a cycle or a series?

5 days a stranger… WHO MADE THIS!?

German literature from the 17th century AND native american people? Impossible it’s a natural occurrence. Something poking through from the Abyss into our reality.

3426827-slenderman.jpg Strange shadow creature in Rhode Island BEFORE Roger Williams!? The same? Why is it active again now? Why is it following ME?

Need to align with the others on this…

slender_man.jpeg possible it is attracted to children or only children are foolish enough to talk about it?

Slender Man Stabbing – real life murders inspired by a myth?






silentinfinity MKing

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