Arcane Providence

Steady your mind

Voland Session 7 Log

It feels good to be back out with the group after forming the Cabal. The lie has kept me busy, I need to keep my focus back to where it matters, unraveling the lie. My companions wanted to investigate the Fort more and I will happily oblige. Time magic is most interesting. Before we entered in The Wanderer told us of some alarms we needed to prep for later on. He gave me the warning of “steady your mind.” My mind is always steady, my mind is the only truth. His warnings didn’t work.

We discovered that Nabu’s vision of the vampire teleporting and leaving blood behind was consistent with blood and visions we saw in the Fort. With the help of the others I could see the path ahead. Distance is an illusion, unfortunately what I witnessed was not. It was an atrocity. The peeled flesh used for mundane items. Furniture, art, pillows, everything made of flesh. It was the worst site I had seen since my incident. Taking it all in at once was too much. “Steady my mind” was the warning I was given, I wish it was “there is a room full of horror that you will see all at once.” I understand time is a delicate balance and he didn’t want to give me too much.

Pushing forward and hidden from spirits and incognito we come to the furthest point in time The Wanderer had been. Where we must have set off some sort of spirit alarm. With a glance into the mind of Greg, there is not much humanity there. His desires are simple, food and survival. It isn’t money, sex, power, or fame. Whatever bit of Greg was hanging on will be gone shortly. As we were investigating the room the vampire turned the corner. Luckily, we were prepared for such an occasion. With a shift of gravity, and some extreme gun fire, the odds were tipped quickly in our favor. I have never been inside the mind of a vampire, but luckily a mind is still there and can still be overloaded into unconsciousness.

I want her memories. I want to know why one would do this. What are the desires of a vampire to go to such lengths of creating the area we just left. I was left with less. The memories of another man. Someone who was in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong attitude. I suppose the advice is be nice to others, you never know who will be a vampire and peel your skin off slowly turning you into a copy of themselves.

This night out was enlightening. I am bound to these other Mage’s and we compliment each other very well. Maybe in the future I will take the mask off. It is also clear that we need some place for our Cabal to call home. I’m sure I have some property that will make sense.


silentinfinity MGreer

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