Arcane Providence

The Necromancer’s Journal - July 2019

The Alley's Shadow

I saw my true name and a thinly veiled threat written in ectoplasm in my native tongue. This person knew me. Thinking myself wise, I had avoided this moment for a long time, seven months…maybe more. Some would say I was drinking the thoughts away. Others would say I was running from the truth. It was a bit of both, really and I had been lying to myself by calling my actions “wise”. Now that I knew my parents had never reached the Underworld, I needed to face my fears and go back to the alleyway where it all started. And it was there I found the message waiting for me.

Not every cop has a story as to why they decided to be a cop in the first place, but most of us do. Mine started shortly after I got accepted into Brown University. My family and I were currently living in Boston and as I was only 16 years old, the thought of living away from them scared me. My mother came to visit me after I called my parents practically every day that first week of college. Brown and the older kids that attended my classes were intimidating and I got lost a lot trying to find my way around the unfamiliar streets of Providence. That combined with my obvious naivety, made me anxious. My mother could tell; I think that’s why she visited me that night, though I really wish she had stayed home.

I lost my mother that night, in a dark alleyway to an unknown figure in a ski mask who did not need to kill her. She gave him her wallet, but died on the cold pavement in return. I have yet to find her killer. Her death lead me to obtain a PHD years later in Forensic Science and Behavioral Analysis. Soon after, I received a job with Providence Homicide as a Detective…likely the youngest the force had seen in a very long time. My father was incredibly proud of me and insisted on taking me out to celebrate. Again, I wish he had stayed home. The same events unfolded exactly as they had when I was with my mother, only this time it was my father lying dead in the alleyway from a mugger that did not have to kill him. He was in the exact same position my mother had laid before.

That is the story of how I became one of the Awakened and as I stared in the Twilight version of the alleyway where both my parents died, I knew someone had planned it. Someone who had powers very similar to my own. Someone who not only caused the deaths of both my parents, but countless others. Someone who knew my real name. The cold anger burned inside me as I walked into the Twilight alleyway and looked for any clues. I sadly didn’t find much and after trying to communicate back to the offender, nothing happened. With nothing left to do, I poured all of my energy and will into closing that portal. It left me drained, but determined to find whoever did this and bring them to justice. I had a lot of work to do. I recognized that I was under powered compared to the individual that had set this trap up. Was there a quick way to obtain more power?


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