Arcane Providence

Wanderer log 12/30/2019

The year was almost up and I was really enjoying The Witcher. I hadn’t played any of the games—I tended to be too mobile to set up a good gaming computer.

Ace got a call well into the evening. Something strange was happening in Providence and Silentium didn’t have time to go check himself. It wasn’t clear if it was dangerous or not, but it sounded like magic was being exposed to regular people.

So we gathered up most of the group and I had the opportunity to use a spell I’d been working on. My study of Space magic finally afforded me the ability to move people from place to place. I had to remove them from the time stream to do so but I have yet to find any inherent risk in doing so, particularly if we are only gone for a moment.

We appeared near the Dueling Pianos building. It’s sad that place closed. I only caught part of one performance and it would have been fun to bring some friends.

Some people were coming our direction looking quite scared. They said metal was bending and melting. It sounded unbelievable from a sleeper’s perspective but TLM would find it easy to produce similar effects. We split up with some trying to calm these people and learn more. I and the others went to find the person who was causing the mayhem.

On the way, we saw the results of the magic. It was like the witnesses said. It was incredibly obvious that something unusual happened to move and transform the metal. We were concerned enough that numerous times we tried to come up with a cover story to spread. But most anything wouldn’t survive serious scrutiny. I was frustrated and suggested maybe we should just leave it be. There must be others in the consilium who deal with such things.

We found the person, Lawrence, holed up in a UPS store. His eyes were closed and he was nearly in the fetal position. He didn’t know we were watching him thanks to the magic that allowed us to see from so far and around corners.

We regrouped and decided to send only Freya and Jack in to speak to him. We found out his eyes had changed to blue spirals, though he didn’t know that. He knew nothing except that this metal distortion was happened all around him and looking at things made it worse. We saw the effects and eventually found that his distress made it worse. The calmer he was, the less happened.

We focused our efforts on finding out what drugs he could have taken. TLM, in his earlier life, dealt with a drug called Spiral that allowed Sleepers to use some magic power for a time. I now realize we didn’t ask him what happens when the Awakened or supernatural creatures use it. But the organization that created Spiral attempted to eliminate it entirely. TLM was so worried about it that he asked us to keep this part of the investigation just to us for now.

We needed to speak to Lawrence in a safer area, free of metal. So TLM knocked him out and I blinked us to the manor’s back yard, right on the beach. When Lawrence woke, we told him we drove him there. We continued to focus on what drugs he may have taken, but he insists it was only pot from his math class buddy. TLM was fairly certain it had to be administered directly to the eyes.

The beach setting was indeed calming for Lawrence and in his calm state, he laid it on thick to Freya. My Wanderer instincts almost kicked in and I was going to tell him to take subtler approach now that she knows quite certainly that he’s interested, and give him a bit of luck, but then I remembered that would be a stupid idea. Let the kid use his “charm” and see where it gets him.

We ended up deciding to knock him out again and bring him drugged with some LSD to the hospital. That would make his stories more feasible to hospital staff. We learned his apartment’s location and sent some of us to check it out.

At the apartment, we found his pot was all used up and that he likely didn’t use any other drugs. But we hit the jackpot when we found he was drinking weird energy drinks called Spiralina. Since it was the least subtle name ever, I assumed whoever made it wanted to get TLM’s attention but I didn’t mention that yet. He was already quite absorbed in testing samples from Lawrence.

While at the manor, the fey left us an invitation to a New Year’s party at the Hedge’s newest location on a Providence pedestrian bridge. They specifically requested Ace for fire issues making me wonder once again just how bad that event was. I had no plans in particular so I knew would go.

Unfortunately, when investigating Spiralina, we found that Lawrence was picking it up from a strange person in that same area. So much for a Mystery-free party.


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