Arcane Providence

Wanderer log 12/31/2019

The cabal liked my Christmas/New Year/we-aren’t-dead gifts. I had to Groundhog Day to figure out what a couple of them would like but they don’t know won’t hurt them.

This afternoon Ace, TLM, and I discussed Spiral and what our plans would be for the day. Unfortunately, Freya and Nabu had some things come up.

The plan roughly was to arrive fairly early for the party. We would scope out the bridge to see if it was safe. If so, we would enter the Hedge, make any useful trades for goods, and find any information we can about Spiral. I picked up some Octoberfest a local shop still had in stock and a liquor with tiny strawberries in it. I didn’t have anything actually useful I was willing to part with, so these would have to do for trade.

We approached the pedestrian bridge cautiously, and used a bit of magic to learn more. It was well lit, and guarded by armed men in black. This was so strange considering there were other bridges mere hundreds of feet away. It felt very much like a trap, or a deterrent against us or those like us.

It didn’t stop us though. We went invisible and walked the bridge. Feeling power from underneath, we went down and found the portal. It seemed like one guard sensed us but didn’t see us. The portal itself was fairly obvious to anyone who went down here, being surrounded by raven feathers.

We entered. The other side appeared like a vaguely different Providence. But the more we walked, the more it changed and we soon found ourselves in a forest. There are branching paths and we began to map them out on the way to the party when TLM tried and failed to cast a spell. On the second try, it misfired and everything went dark. We found ourselves in a garden with dozens of statues made of various materials. Outside the garden were trees.

The statues started screaming, seeming like some sort of alarm or guard system. Looking at them with sight revealed they seemed to be a mishmash of timelines combined to form these statues. But we didn’t waste time investigating. Instead, we headed for the trees.

The trees soon became full of briars and we realized we were in the space between spaces of the hedge, except not on a path. I formed a spell similar to serendipity which thankfully guided us through the worst of it and we found ourselves at the party.

We entered from the back, in a way. We were at a vendor that was on the outskirts. In the center was a gigantic tree with lights high on the top and stairs leading up. The vendor said the top is called Crowhollow.

Heading up the tree, we spoke a bit more about what to expect. We found out TLM was once called Vasili.

Once at the top, we saw more vendors, a dance floor, tables, and many people of various shapes and sizes. Chant was there, along with other changelings. At first glance, we didn’t notice any humans.

We targeted a popular potion vendor that seemed to have Spiral for sale. While TLM waited in line, I went to the far less popular pill vendor nearby. A strange goblin person ran the stall, perhaps not the strongest salesperson I ever came across. They had a lot of what I would expect from magic pills, mostly things that would replicate simple magical effects. But I traded for two that seemed unusual and interesting. One would make lights shine from your eyes and another would make a red cloak grow from your back. I don’t know if I’ll ever use them but I consider it a step up from the beer I traded.

TLM ended up trading his golem for all 6 spiralinas the vendor had and didn’t get any useful information from the vendor.

At this point we did notice people that looked human. One was Ami, who we knew to be a vampire of course. The other was a man in a 2020 hat. TLM and Jack went to him and found he was an awakened named Anvar.

Meanwhile, Ace and I spoke to the changelings including Starfrost, the queen (?) of winter. It was an amicable chat, but little of consequence to our night’s goals was said.

TLM then came to us, a bit frazzled. He said he was instructed to turn over the drug to the Seattle mages, through Anvar. This struck us as weird. When would this instruction have come? Surely not before we even knew we would be looking for it. Ace continued this chat while I spoke with Ami.

We caught up on things. She hadn’t found her friend Jonathan though I didn’t mention that’s not surprising. We traded our newest info on Waterfire. I also mentioned the Cassandra vampire situation without mentioning her name. Ami said to be very careful around vampires like her. During our chat, I bought some incredibly old wine and made to deal to bring the bartender out to drinks in RI. It seemed like a reasonable deal to make with the fey.

As I rejoined the group, we were getting concerned about the direction the night was heading. We wanted to get out to avoid any issues with the Seattle mages. The changelings were thankfully very helpful. While they were completely unaware of the portal we used to come in, they had their own way out. TLM kept saying we were in danger and we ended up at a tree with an entrance we went through.

We ended up in a home in North Providence at about 9pm. We did a quick teleport to our car and drove off. Before we left, we spotted some people on the bridge seemingly investigating things.


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