Arcane Providence

Wanderer log 7/29/2019

Ace texted us. Silentium offered us a chance to investigate a new road. Though not all of us could make it (no surprise there), we took his offer.

Around 7 PM, Ace, Voland, Glasya, TLM, and Nabu were at the manor. Nabu came with quite the story. He was almost carjacked. It seems weird, but the fates may actually be against him. Or someone in particular is out to get him. This story and other things spoken of later make this seem to be the case.

We then found ourselves with a choice. We were invited to a party at the Met for our changeling friends, of course on the same night that we planned to visit the road. While we decided what to do, the night became even weirder. Though I don’t recall us putting much pressure, Voland and Glasya revealed their faces. It was less climactic than one might think. Nobody recognized them (as far as I could tell), so we continued our discussion. Glasya did seem against her exposure— I think she spends more time in her mask than Voland does with his.

We ended up deciding on Roger Williams park, the location of the road. Though we did mention to the changelings that if we could make it there, we would.

Nabu spoke to the first people we saw. Apparently, there was some weirdness near the museum. Voland’s sight was good enough to spot what we suspected was the road, though nothing interesting was happening that we could tell. Good thing, as this is all supposed to be hidden.

Using some of our usual tricks, we determined the road opened a few hours earlier and it will last a few days. Some natural event would bring about its end, but nothing dangerous as far as we could tell.

The road was opened by a large green-cloaked figure. No details could be seen. It came from nearby brush and quickly and easily opened the door. I also saw some people, possibly sleepers go in. They came out with one of them puking magical pink goo. Some others went in and didn’t return.

Seeing nothing immediately dangerous, we decided our relationship with the changelings was worth postponing a more thorough investigation of the road. Voland began ritual casting to hide the road from anyone who came hear.

While Voland was casting, Ace spotted something well hidden coming our way. It turned out to be a Japanese woman. She seemed nervous and just wanted to get past us to go into the road. We spoke to her anyway, ever suspicious of anybody and everybody. Her name was Ami, though she called herself “young one.” She was looking for information on her friend Jonathan. He was meeting a mage during the Waterfire incident and disappeared. Thankfully, nobody mentioned Jonathan’s potential fate, or a potential worse-than-death fate. We made sure she could contact us if needed and she went into the road.

After Voland finished casting his ritual, we left for the Met party. It seemed gifts were fashionable and we had nothing orthodox so I brought myself back to this point to pick some nice champagne. When we went in, there were about 40 people. Everything was decorated with a summer theme and there was even fire, though magical, despite the heat. I offered the champagne to Brian, sitting on his summer throne, while TLM and Ace combined magic to create a fiery display.

It was an interesting night, and we knew we needed to get back to the road as soon as we could. In the meantime, I texted Freya a description of the missing people who went into the road. Hopefully they would turn out alright.


I wasn’t able to make it to the road the next day, though it sounds like nothing particularly dangerous was going on. Normally, I’d have been there, but the magics I’ve been researching are taking a toll on me. It’s possible I took on too much too soon trying to learn a new field of magic.

Ace, Nabu, and Freya met up to venture into the road, where they found the Goblin Market. It was filled with beings of many types, all making deals with each other. Many things for sale or trade were supernatural though some were simply mundane things hard to find in the supernal realms. Everything has a different value there than it does here.

I’m told the three of them spoke with several different parties, in some cases nearly making deals, but in the end no deals were made. I can’t help but feel if more of us were there, things would have gone differently and deals would have been made. Whether that would be good? Hard to say.

They did mention drinks that made you experience a bottled memory were sold and I can’t help but be curious about the experience. Not only would some experiences be exciting, but are there other ways of storing memories? And what about the bad ones? Surely people have traded away their experiences of trauma. I hesitate to guess how those are used.

At one point, they found Ami’s sister, and apparently they are triplets, probably all vampires, though it doesn’t sound like the conversation went anywhere.

Ultimately, a fire broke out. Why, how? It doesn’t seem we have the answers. But the Goblin Market closed fast and people left through their various means of supernatural travel despite Ace being able to put the fire out. The hedge itself began closing up and is now gone as if it was never there.

So I guess we’ll call that road investigated for now? We do know there are other times a fey road opens in Roger Williams Park. Is it always Goblin Market? I suspect not. It’s too consistent and clean.


I don’t think you ever did send Freya a text with those names in it :)

Wanderer log 7/29/2019
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