Important Locations


The Arcade

Revitalized in recent years, America’s oldest indoor shopping mall boasts small apartments on its higher floors. Awakened society often visits here when not meeting in a more official location. The Free Council goes anywhere it wants to go but often here.

The First Baptist Church


Literally the first baptist church in America, it was founded in 1638 by Roger Williams after decades of public or home prayer services as parishioners wanted to avoid a reflection of vanity. In addition to weekly worship services, the Meeting House hosts concerts, talks, and lectures by world-renowned artists, performers, academics, and elected officials. Brown University holds commencement services at The Meeting House. The Silver Ladder – well-connected to Brown University – often meets here.

Cranston Street Armory


This historic building of yellow brick was built in 1907 with crenellated turrets and decorative stonework. It hosted the RI National Guard until 1996 when it was purchased by the state. It’s been used for various purposes in politics, entertainment, and sports. Few know the Adamantine Arrow maintain the holding.

The Providence Athenaeum

Two libraries came together to form this member-owned and supported library. The main floor and mezzanine host a myriad books. There’s reading rooms and even a private rare books hold. Well-behaved pets are even allowed at this library! It is open to the public but Awakened society is aware of its connections to the Diamond’s Mysterium.

Roger Williams Park


The “People’s Park” was created in 1871 after Betsey Williams bequeathed 102 acres of farmland and woodland to the city of Providence to be used for public purpose. A portion of the gift included land that was shared with her great, great, great grandfather, Rhode Island founder Roger Williams, by the Narragansett sachems Canonicus and Miantonomo.

Swan Point Cemetery


Established in 1846, the Swan Point Cemetery is a rolling 200 acres of garden, wooded land. Numerous structures exist on the grounds including mausoleums, crypts, and a chapel. H. P. Lovecraft and a number of RI politicians are buried here. Its rumored in Awakened society that vampires visit here often and will meet with you at Swan point.

Waterplace Park


In downtown Providence this urban park is set below the streets with the reimagined river system of old Great Salt Cove. There are cobblestone paths, Venetian riverways and bridges. From late spring to early autumn the popular Waterfire events are held. Restaurants line the park and concerts are common as street performers roam. It was during one of the Waterfire events that violence broke out and the mystery of the details has the Awakened talking.

The Witches Brew

Off Thayer St. down Fones Alley (past La Crepiere) is a small restaurant and bar popular with older locals, open all day and night. It’s specifically noted as neutral territory in the supernatural world. Those who break this policy face the judgement of those wronged. Three sisters own the Witches Brew and if there’s magic in their food and drink, no one’s complaining!

Rhode Island at Large

Arcadia Management Area


“At over 14,000 mostly forested acres, the Arcadia Management Area is the state’s largest recreational area, offering users a great variety of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Co-managed by DEM’s Divisions of Forest Environment and Fish & Wildlife, it is promoted as, and actively managed for hunting, as well as fishing, boating, hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding, to name a few activities.” Thyrsus mages are said to visit often and make frequent efforts to protect Arcadia.

Hope Artiste Village


Located in Pawtucket the Hope Artiste Village is one of the largest successful mill restoration projects in Rhode Island. It’s a hub of cultural activity fostering collaboration and innovation among a diverse community of creatives and professionals. Numerous businesses, designers, painters, theatre companies, craftspeople, and restaurants all dwell within this village.


Popular seaside city and tourist destination known for the historic mansions, sailing, Naval War College, and Salve Regina University. Its population swells in the summer months while quieting in the winter. Awakened from across the world visit Newport as tourists or occult explorers seeking the Mysteries hinted to in Lovecraftian works.

Important Locations

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