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The burden of divine providence; the grace of the arcane. What lies, what truths. Fighting fire with fire. The Soul, Caged. Rattling the bars. By what right. The secret life.


Core: Ancient Mystery

What do I believe; what do I know? I feel wondrous joy, terrifying dread; the incredible discovery, the unknowable mysteries. I need to help, find, know, learn, do. There’s always more!



The premise is Arcane Providence. While the city of Providence is the capital of Rhode Island, the numerous towns that make up the smallest state of the union are easily traversed. Each has its secrets, mysteries born long before Roger Williams ventured south from Massachusetts Bay and growing still. All souls seeking freedom ventured here, trusting in the community’s faiths and dedication to that open religious, intellectual practice.

The Rhode Island and Providence Plantations were born of four colonies religious tolerance and political autonomy. First to renounce Britain and last of the original thirteen colonies to ratify the Constitution, it has long been a state of liberal resistance and personal freedoms while carefully guarding its rights and that of its people. Numerous religious temples and churches, libraries and school, as well as protected natural sanctuaries demonstrate the people’s dedication to these abstracts. But history reveals its darker side in the slave trade, betrayal of the indigenous people, as well as the indentured of the industrial revolution.

A nation was born here. The Bill of Rights was demanded for here. All sought to safeguard their hearts, souls, mind, and wills here. Artists bent deep metal and precious stone, wove dark ink of the dreadful occult, and splattered paint like the founding fighters spilled blood on those coastal islands. All thoughts met here, driving the citizens to new discovery and growth. They tempered their actions in belief, considered all faiths, and sought wisdom in these actions.

In present day that religious freedom struggles with contemporary liberal progress, the well-educated residents influenced by their New England neighbors meeting with the land-loved families, the sea-faring sons and daughters. Great divides are spanned here where paradoxical minds consider beliefs and learned knowledge. It’s not rare to see the financier, the tech kid, the millennial artist, and the fisherman sit together over drink, food, and perhaps a smoke.

Frequent criminal allegations – and convictions – amongst politicians have also stirred discontent for the Rhode Islanders. An economy rebuilding and still struggling doesn’t soothe the burnt everyman and everywoman who have long labored in the spirit and shadow of Providence. Recent upswing in crime in Boston has seen many move their attention to Rhode Island. New enterprise promises more jobs even as the secondary and collegiate institutions plead for financial assistance to protect the future intellectual talent of Rhode Island’s youth. Environmental concerns are always important for the heavy fishery industry and the well-touristed beaches of Rhode Island. Conflict is rife as these myriad ventures unearth local history both physical and immaterial, as neither soil or soul forget but few live who understand their mysteries.

In a change to the trend of the last decade, new residents are coming to Providence and its suburbs. Some study the coast and its sea. Others have been promised new careers at growing businesses or programs at one of the many fine colleges. A few have heard a different call as the Awakened of Providence seek assistance after a violent event at a downtown Waterfire event. The politicians say it was gang activity spilling down from Boston. The police speak of terrorism. Rumors say it was a public suicide.

What lies, what truths.


Providence. Today. Yesterday. Tomorrow.



Modern day Rhode Island will be featured though other locations are possible.


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